This is a simple microjobs business model.

  1. The “service providers” submit their gigs to sell for any price between $5 to $100000 according to the gigs niche and market value.
  2. The Buyers search required gigs from available categories and submitted gigs from the supplier, once the buyer selected any gig, s/he submit order with listed payment price for the gig and instantly the send a notification to the “service provider” and upon acceptance the order is started.
  3. As soon as the order is delivered successfully, the buyer is notified and upon the buyer’s acceptance of delivery, releases the funds to the “service provider” after deducting company commission wich is 20% of the total order or atleast $1.00.

So pretty simple business and very clean as well. If the buyer or seller has any issue regarding any gig order, they are welcome to contact us anytime so management will investigate and provide a solution per company terms and conditions.